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This Virus Thing BLOWS! Who Else Isn't Experiencing Rainbows and Unicorns?

Friends! It's too early to send up the white flag but I'm holding it in my hand ready to go! Oi vay! This quarantine thing ain't for me!  School's out for summer (not yet really but I'm not holding my breath) but we can't hang with friends, go to the pool, museum, movies, eat-out, or even hit the gym. And isn't it ironic that I had just barely made a goal to have set, working hours during my day? Now I'm having to get super creative with everything I still have to do on a regular basis now with homeschooling forced onto my plate (which I have chosen not to do up to this point for a reason), businesses shutting down, friends losing jobs, small businesses struggling (more friends) and there's still no toilet paper! I'm struggling! And apparently, no one can spare a square! (I can't believe I haven't seen any meme's using that one yet!) I tend to be optimistic and I do my best to #spreadpositivity and #bethelight (can't seem to wri…
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Have a laugh!

I have a super simple short post to write today.  Now stick with me on this - you'll be confused for a minute...

I can totally write this while I look at your cute freckled face. And your giggles make me happy! Are you impressed yet? You need a haircut. And your teeth to be cleaned - don't frowny face me young man! Your freckles will not make up for your nasty dirty teeth! And you have chocolate on your face. Stick your tongue back in your mouth and go wash it off your face!

I just typed all that while looking at my son and he read it as I typed. He was of course extremely impressed with my mad skillz, but also got a good laugh out of it. Do you make your kids laugh? Every day? That's actually one of my biggest goals - to make everyone in my family laugh at least once! Not because I'm funny (although - here's to hoping!) but because laughter is good for the soul; on a physiological level - did you know that?

When you smile and laugh, it releases the feel-good hormo…

Embracing FEAR

Hey folks! Here I am again! And still anxious to not only hit the 'publish' button but to then take it one step further and share the link! So, I thought it only appropriate that this post address the emotion that has been my nemesis in resuming my work as a writer. FEAR! Fear of what - I don't know. Failure? Being good at it? People liking it? Offending somebody? All of these are possible and may become an actual reality, but does it really matter? YES! It is preventing me from moving forward!

I'm going to out on a limb here and say that the fear of failure is probably the biggest fear that haunts us all. Yes? How often do people say, I'm not putting myself 'out there' because I'm afraid of getting hurt? I'm not going to try to do a marathon because I'm afraid I won't finish. I'm not going to try this diet, because what if I fail? I'm not going to try to write a book because people might hate it. Ican't do a Spartan race, I mig…

I Can Only Change ME

Welcome my friend! I have taken some time-off (well, a lot of time off) but the break - and long awaited return - is over! And I figured there was no better way to jump back in to this than to re-state what the whole purpose of this blog is. (Are blogs on the out now? Do I need a .com address to be 'legit?' Well, whatever, this is where I'm startin'!) The crazy part is, over the years, this ONE key concept - I CAN ONLY CHANGE ME - is what I keep coming back to and what my ultimate fallback is. I may be a slow learner folks, but I'll probably never get it. Yes - that is not a typo - I probably will  never master this, but I sure can work at it every day! As I say that, I realize I need to offer my kids and my husband way more grace and forgiveness than I do because I am myself am a repeat offender in all things bad and luckily all things good as well.

This right here is the foundation to this whole blog: You can't change anyone but yourself!…

Rock Stars and Airplanes

This blog may be slightly random today. But sometimes you have to go where the wind blows you. It was my cute Dad's birthday on Sunday and I took a selfie of us on a hike and I had a little laugh at his fantastic hair. These days he wears it high and wild. Some of my favorite comments about my Dad's hair include but are not limited to the following:

1) He looks famous - like Keith Richards. But better.

2) Oh - your Rod Stewart's daughter.

3) I think I know why he had a stroke - it's his hair!

He wears this style well and when I look back at the days before his big hair, the flatter version of Dad's do - although nice and appropriate - it is simply disappointing and not nearly as fun. His 'Keith Richards' style got me to thinking about the fact that I even know who Keith Richards is. And Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Roger Daltry, Robert Plant, Eddie Van Halen. Some of the greats. At my kiddo's mountain bike race the other day they were playing, "Just …

Keep Close to Your Kiddo's

I went in for a mammogram yesterday (yuck) and while I was sitting in the waiting room, I read a brief article on Daymond John (do you ever watch Shark Tank?); it was pretty fascinating. I deducted a few things from the relatively short article:

- Talent and determination can be taught, but it is definitely an inherent blessing

- The strength of the relationship with your family is monumental in shaping the decisions you make

- Imagination is something to always be cultivated

Now, he didn't actually say one darn thing about imagination, but I personally believe that it is a big piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle. You have to have vision. And then of course that talent and determination will help that vision come to fruition. Mark Cuban said one night in the shark tank: "Everyone tells you how they are going to be special, but few do the work to get there. Do the work." It's the doing that allows the creation. But the quote from this article with Daymond John that st…

Some More Good Info on ADHD

The plan was to get in to bed at an early hour last night so I could have some one-on-one time with me and just read (doesn't it sound heavenly? Almost as heavenly as grocery shopping by yourself - no kids?). But then I remembered I had to do one last thing on the computer which turned into something else, which lead to googling a question I remembered I had, which lead to several new tabs and being sucked into Dr. John Gray's blog post on ADHD. The more I read about ADHD and other ailments that plague us in this day and age, the more I'm convinced of the roles food and environment play in the grand scheme of things. Dr. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, has a new book out talking specifically about ADHD and ADD. Last night he hooked me in with his fifteen reasons why these disorders are so prevalent at this time and how they are becoming even more so as each day passes. The list included everything from video games and pornography to acetaminop…