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I guess this is where I tell you my story! Wow, look how cute and young I look in that pic! Dang! Where does the time go? Anyway, I grew- up in Park City, Utah - yes, a true Park City ski town native. My parents raised me on ski's and a mountain bike but I detested both until they became my idea. That could easily sum up my adolescent outlook really - do anything that would be different from my parents! Luckily, I got over that, realized how totally amazing they both are and how awesome it is to be an avid outdoorswoman! 
I haven't moved far from home, still living at the base of a mountain in Utah where I trail run, mountain bike and ski - all of which I LOVE. In particular, I've spent the year training for and competing in Spartan Races; it's pretty much the most awesome thing ever!  I have a BS in Journalism and writing has always been a passion of mine. I was published twice in college, was voted "Most Likely to Write a Book" by my sixth grade classmates (I tell you this, because it has major street cred and staying power) and am working on getting back into a writing groove as my youngest just started first grade (which means all day school! YES!).  

My hubby and I created our own blended family with a yours, mine and ours. I've got three boys at home and it makes my house nuts 24-7 which I won't deny is tough for me. I like quiet, calm and predictability which most assuredly does not fall in line with anything boy. My Spartan training and races, mountain biking and running, board games and funny movies help keep me grounded and provide some sense of direction and focus when it feels like I'm living in the middle of a vortex. I love history (especially World War II history), a good hamburger (yes, I do love red meat!), airplanes and a good laugh. I try to find humor in life's challenging situations - laughing is so good for the soul. And rather than looking at the reality of life being rough at times, I am trying to consider that life just provides ample opportunities to learn and improve and as cliche as it is, it really isn't worthy my energy to sweat the small stuff! The tricky part is figuring out the 'small stuff' is; pick and choosing the appropriate battles. You know what I'm sayin'?

I still love to play in the kitchen but my goal of feeding my family the best and healthiest meals, all the time, pretty much got scrapped a couple of years ago. Now, don't get me wrong, I feed my family well, but when I was the only one eating my wheat germ cupcakes and barley grass cookies and crumbly spelt bread, I said forget it! If the people won't eat it, there ain't no point! I just try to remember that most kids are ridiculously picky- I was! In fact, I didn't eat fruits and vegetables until I was in college (true). And now I'll eat the most bizarre foods you can imagine.  In fact, here's a fun fact - the first time I ever tried pineapple was when I was 27 years-old. How sad is that? I'd been missing out. When it comes to veggies I love my veggies except for peas and beets. Beets taste like dirt. Come to think of it, so do Brazil nuts but I still love those! Go figure...

As for my blog, it has morphed over the years. It began as an outlet for me and the stress that comes from parenting. I still vent from time to time but as I have researched and studied, it became a great way to share what I have learned in hopes of helping other people in their journey of self progression and familial success, particularly with children with ADHD. I really wanted other parents to know that they aren't alone in their struggles! The journey that my Creator has put me on has changed the way I live my life and it has shaped me for the better. There will always be struggles but it is helpful to have an arsenal of strategies to have on hand at any one time and when all else fails, find the positives, shift your focus, re-frame your thoughts and recognize your blessings and be grateful. Now, as my kids are older, my blog will morph again! Evolution!   

But, my mantra has remained true! That I do believe that change has to start with us. We can't change other people; that is an exercise in futility and heartbreak. I believe that our thoughts are boomerangs and we are creating our life for better or for worse. I only have control over me. I always feel better at the end of the day if I have at least kept myself in check when I haven't been successful with my kids or my husband. There are those days when when all I can do is pray and eat an entire pint of Halo Top Ice Cream! Oh but then the love I have for myself and my efforts and my little family. Doesn't your heart melt looking at this pic? Sigh. He is bigger than me now! 

All in all, I'm just trying to find my way through everything as gracefully as possible, stick to my values and have some fun along the way! I will take all the help I can get and all the friends and advice I can get along the way! Thanks for reading and embarking on this journey with me.

I've thrown in a few of my favorite rules to live by. It's always nice to have them written down somewhere as well for quick reference. These are some of my Life's Rules to Live By...
* Always accept a compliment

* Don't say something unless you are sincere

* Moderation in all things

* It's good to stop and watch once in awhile

* Don't worry about the laundry, go and feed the geese with   the kids

* Not everything will go the way I want it to

* It always takes longer than you think

* Walk softly and carry a big stick

* Relax and trust the natural process of life

* An act only works on an audience

* Trust but verify (Ronald Regan)

* Do what is hard and your life will be easy. Do what is easy and your life will be hard.

* Do or do not; there is no try. (Yoda) And let me tell you - I was saying this LONG before Star Wars became way cool again!

* Look for the positive

* Wake up and smile

* Be flexible

* It doesn't matter what you do, it's how you do it.

*Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. (John Wayne)


  1. So glad you posted on my adhd momma blog. We are kindred spirits! Thanks for sharing your adhd supplement and diet regimen. I am inspired! And I am a stepmom and mom with a bicycling lifestyle, too, so I am doubly glad I found you. :)

    1. We are kindred spirits!! We probably could swap some good information because the blended family business and mom to my Mr. ADHD is rigorous! That's where my biking comes into play - it keeps me sane! I'm excited to look at your blog and chat soon! Thanks for taking the time to come by; the diet change is such a process there was no way to post what I've been doing in the comments section associated with your post! This is a major process! I'm SO glad that you are seeing some results in what you are doing. Such a blessing!


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