Brand Vs. Generic

Over the years I have eliminated more and more foods and drugs from my diet. After having three sinus surgeries, I finally found out that ibuprophen and some drugs found in Claritin and the like arehuge proponents of nasal polyps. So, I gave up my love affair for Advil to save my nose. This event along with realizing that cough medicine never really did help my cough and decongestants didn't de-congest me, I started looking for alternatives; why mess with my body if it doesn't do that much good? So, I started using a NeilMed Sinus Rinse (fabulous!), then essential oils (amazing!) and then coconut oil (take it with me everywhere I go!) and other 'natural' and 'preventative' remedies.

Then, when I started noticing issues with my son and the possibility of ADHD, I started looking at alternative and natural methods of treating the disorder. When nothing seemed to help, the condition very steadily got worse and at the recommendation of both the psychologist (second diagnosis) and therapist, I decided to try medication. And for being so avidly against medications when not necessary, I will say that Concerta and Zoloft are absolute blessings in my life and my sons. I still struggle with the fact that he has to be on them but fewer calls from school teachers and the principal and a better environment in the home are absolutely worth it.

With that being said, one of the side effects of these medication (particularly the stimulant) is loss of appetite. Preston didn't seem to lose his appetite initially too much which was a relief because he is THE pickiest eater already on record. It was about June however when I noticed sandwiches were coming home from school uneaten and he really became disinterested in food. I would still find snacks and what not in his room (welcome ant colony!) which I just barely figured out was because when he would come off the medication, he'd be starving, not want to get in trouble for rummaging in the kitchen after hours and squirrel food in his room.

I just refilled his prescription last night and asked if his medication had been switched to the generic - which it had and had been since May. I asked them to refill the prescription using the brand. He did refill it but told me after-the-fact that the medication was made by the same manufacturer. Now, here's my take: the drug companies insist that there is NO difference between brand and generic - ingredients are the same. I think differently because when I switched from Yasmine to the generic, I felt sick all the time and had some weird side effect that I can't remember what it was, but found numerous other women online experiencing the same symptoms. Now, if appetite wasn't a factor until June, right after his medication went from brand to generic, something's up. That is my personal experience and I'm sticking to it.

I started giving him the brand medication today and I will watching closely to see if his appetite changes. Anybody else have an experience with brand vs. generic?


  1. A follow-up: It has been almost two weeks and Preston's appetite has returned. It isn't 100% but he has been snacking and eating more. The proof is in the pudding: there is a difference between brand and generic!

  2. Another follow-up: I met with Preston's doctor that actually handles his medication and she did say that there is a difference in the brand vs. generic and it has to do with dosage ratios. The brand has a faster-acting dosage amount that is released more evenly throughout the day. I knew it!


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