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Embracing FEAR

Hey folks! Here I am again! And still anxious to not only hit the 'publish' button but to then take it one step further and share the link! So, I thought it only appropriate that this post address the emotion that has been my nemesis in resuming my work as a writer. FEAR! Fear of what - I don't know. Failure? Being good at it? People liking it? Offending somebody? All of these are possible and may become an actual reality, but does it really matter? YES! It is preventing me from moving forward!

I'm going to out on a limb here and say that the fear of failure is probably the biggest fear that haunts us all. Yes? How often do people say, I'm not putting myself 'out there' because I'm afraid of getting hurt? I'm not going to try to do a marathon because I'm afraid I won't finish. I'm not going to try this diet, because what if I fail? I'm not going to try to write a book because people might hate it. Ican't do a Spartan race, I mig…

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