Celebrating A Good Week and Holding Out Hope For This Week

When is the next full moon? Have you heard that people go crazy during full moons? After I heard that I just happened to notice that Preston had a rough, rough week when it was a full moon. It was a rough week for me too not just because of Preston but because it was a full moon. Bizarre. There isn't a full moon until the 21st. I'm holding my breath that we don't get all crazy again! And I guess since the past won't change I won't feel the need to knock on wood when I say that Preston had an AMAZING week. Amazing people!

He went with his dad on Friday and I called him that night because I missed him. I missed him! And he was so totally adorable on the phone. He was focused and conversational and loving. I ate it up. He said that they had been watching blue something and I asked him what in the world that was and he said, "I have no idea!" And then he told me that he watched me walk away after I dropped him off and thought, "Oh that's so sad!" I told him I waved as I drove by and thought, "Oh that's so sad!" He laughed and told me that he would have waved if he saw me. I have to bask in these moments because they are so few and far between.

He did his homework every night and actually got it all turned in. He was sweet and pleasant and only a handful of quick outbursts that were diffused quickly when I didn't react. I think not-reacting along with dangling carrots (or in his case my world famous grilled cheese sandwiches or pancakes) has been the key this week. I got a game of Memory set up before he got home from school and we had our one on one game and then I made us milk shakes out of our homemade coconut ice cram and Newman O's. I put some home made almond flour chocolate chip cookies in my ice cream and it tasted like cookie dough amazingness! I told him that I wanted to have a little milk shake date because "you are you and I love you. And you had an amazing week this week!" Thurdsay night I even snapped a picture of him reading - he just sat down and read and was as happy as clam. I got out the camera because those moments are also few and far between. And I can't figure out how to get my photos off my new camera's dang memory card. I even took a picture of our milkshakes because it tasted so fabulous. Argggghhh. I'll figure it out and get it on here sooner or later.

He came home happy last night and we started off the morning on the right foot until he got over-involved teasing Bentley with his little hexbugs. I told him I could hang on to the bugs until he left for school if they were distracting him. Of course he protested but then kept playing with them so he 'erupted' and started demanding I put them back 'right now!' I calmly told him I would need to hang on to them for a little longer with that attitude and then he started hitting me, blowing raspberries at me and the like. Then we went upstairs and he had calmed down within seconds getting to ready to head out the door. I'm getting good at not reacting but now I've got to figure out how to help him diffuse himself before he erupts. The trick on my part is to know what is going to send him over the edge. Should have known taking the bugs would have done it. But regardless, what else do I do when it's time to leave to catch the bus, he's in his underwear and playing with bugs? Hmmm.....


  1. Thanks for this post. My son is almost 5 years old and recently diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and mild OCD. His behavior and moods definitely go in cycles. I have for the longest time noticed his behavior and moods seem to get worse, or at least more intense, when it's a full moon. He almost always has a very rough time a few days prior to a full moon, the week of the full moon and then a few days after. People don't often take me seriously when I mention this connection, so I am so happy to see your post. Your son sounds very similar to mine, but a little older :-) Thanks SO much for this blog!! It is so helpful to me as I am new to parenting a child with ADHD. You are doing awesome and your son sounds so cute!!

    1. Thanks for your comment! My Mom mentioned it to me last September (because she claims to always get a little nuts during the full moon)and I thought she was joking but it was a bad week in our house when the full moon hit! So interesting! Well, in this journey you have just begun please share whatever nuggets of information you come across because this is tough stuff - tough for your kiddo, tough on the family and really tough on you. Keep in touch - we all need support through this! Thanks! Burnsy

  2. SO happy you had a good week!! we'll take all we can get. he can be such a little sweetheart. keeping fingers crossed for more good days ahead!! xox


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