Valentine's Day

Ah Valentine's. I read yesterday that St. Valentine was actually a Roman Priest who was beheaded. Nice. I'll have to do a little more research into why exactly Valentine's day became a lovey holiday based on this person. At any rate, I still enjoy it. In years past I've coerced my man to take me out to dinner and started thinking this year that it might be a fun day to celebrate as a family instead. And it turns out quite a few of my friends already do that! So I jumped on the bandwagon and declared the whole week a week of love.

I tied all of my nightly meals to the theme:
Monday - HEART-burn chili and LOVEly cinnamon rolls
Tuesday - Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti Carbonara
Wednesday - Red Chicken (well, orange chicken - it's one of the kids favorite dinners)
Thursday - Double Chocolate Sweetheart Waffles with sweetened whip cream and fruit topping with strawberry smoothie and my perfect scrambled eggs
Friday - Date night (this one is for me and my man)

We had our waffles and and then there was knock at the door and there were three little bags for each of the boys (I wonder where in the world they came from). They had notes and a little present specific for them and an assortment of treats - all B Mama approved. In fact, have you heard of or seen the UNREAL candy line? They make a knock-off of M&M's, Snickers and Three Musketeers - all without the junk and colors. And they aren't crazy expensive; I'm pretty happy about that. I was actually able to get some good stuff in their bags without the worry of Preston going all Chernobyl on us. Love that. And after spending an hour in Preston's class yesterday for the Valentine's day party, we could use more 'happy candy' without the naughty stuff. I left with a headache and wanted to ooze into bed. I have a whole new appreciation for our teachers; I honestly don't know how they do it all day - the kids were NUTS! And the atmosphere was laced with Red #40 and Blue Lake whatever everywhere I looked. I have to laugh to myself because I sound like such a fanatic. Maybe I am. Oh well.

So, back to OUR Valentine's day. After they looked through their goody bags, we made some of my famous popcorn (see Recipe page) and watched Skyfall. Love it. My big plan for next year will be to get a Raclette machine and do a traditional Raclette dinner with the pickles, pearl onions and meat and potatoes. It is SO stinky good and fun! That became my favorite meal while traveling in Europe - I LOVE cheese. What fun Valentine's Day traditions do you have?


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