Facts About ADHD

I just finished the book "The Time Keeper" and it was fascinating to consider the birth of time and how it has evolved.  Our day revolves around time - what we have to get done, when we need to get up in order to cross everything from our to-do list and the fact that electricity has artificially prolonged the length of our days. And with that, we only fill it with more stuff to be done. Could ADHD be a bi-product of too much to do and the increasing need to multi-task? How often do we simultaneously check emails, browse pintrest and talk on the phone while dinner is simmering, the laundry is drying and your kid keeps coming to you for help with homework? No longer do people just 'be.' Waiting for a table at a restaurant - how many people (even those with others with them) have their eyes glued to their phone? At lunch the other day I watched two women sit across from each other and hardly chat and instead spent more time checking their phones. I think it's weird and I don't think it is a good direction to be going in. What will become of us at this rate?

I'll get off my soap box now but I've also been coming across some great articles on ADHD as of late. I pasted in some great tidbits from an article I read but apparently forgot to paste in the link to the rest of the article - sorry! Regardless, the facts about ADHD were what struck me the most and are oftentimes the facts I try to get through some peoples heads (including my husband's!). Understanding what having ADHD really equates to in the real world is so key in how we as parents help them.

Facts about ADHD
  • ADHD exists
  • ADHD is highly heritable
  • People with ADHD have value
  • People with ADHD have low self esteem and low self awareness
  • People with ADHD need to know that they are not alone
  • People with ADHD thrive with structure and encouragement, just like anyone else
  • People with ADHD cannot pay more attention just because you told them to
  • People with ADHD cannot pay less attention just because you told them to
  • People with ADHD will say inappropriate things
  • People with ADHD will do inappropriate things
  • People with ADHD will punish themselves for those things
  • People with ADHD will forget things, lose things, break things
Lastly, I’d like to point out the commonality in all these facts, people with ADHD – are People.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! All these things about ADHD are so valid and need to be remembered especially when dealing with little ones who can be so easily damaged!!!
    I also loved The Timekeeper!!


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