Just Your Typical Day - No Words of Wisdom Here

Today was amazing. Preston leaves his toys all over the house then totally flips out when Bentley stumbles across one of them and claims it to play with for five minutes. Riots ensue, tears are shed, and tantrums are thrown. It's totally awesome. Then I go to Kohl's to find a simple ring to wear on my ring finger while my wedding ring gets fixed and Preston insists that something must be bought for him. He leaves disgruntled and frustrated that not only could he not find something of interest, but NO money was spent on his behalf. He would have been excited to pay for a cardboard box out of the stock room in the name of spending money. Not sure where he gets this from as money does not burn holes in my pockets. I know that when I decide that I want or need something, I go searching (but the 'you-won't-find-it-if-you-are-looking-for-it-or-need-it' law has never been broken). I only seem to find items when I either don't have the money to spend or I'm not looking. Grrrr.

At any rate, out of pity I tell him I'll at the least buy him a cookie. But his whining and antics about poor Preston not finding anything to buy (with my money) then drive me in the opposite direction and there ain't going to be no cookie-buying, cardboard-box buying or even scrounging up something pleasant at home with that pity-party-racket going on. (I won't even go into the total meltdown that happened after I told him to stop whining about his chores or he'd get another chore to do - and then did. Amazing. And I only wish 'amazing' was being used in a positive context).

And now, he's reading and happy and calm and wanting hugs and ready to be tucked in and I'm all 'funned out.' Oh well, go to bed and start a new. In the meantime, I also seem to be cursed with sprinklers that are attached to a house in my name. They suck - as in sucking the life out of my grass. I watch all the zones come on and the sprinklers appear to be hitting all the necessary spots, but the quickly browning and crunchy grass that is appearing in ragged spots would suggest otherwise. My 'apparently competent' sprinklers appear to be less than competent and I get to roam the yard in five minute shifts dragging a tangled mass of heavy green hose around my large side yard. I love it!


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