Online Tutoring for Kids K-5 Review Announcement

I have parent teacher conferences next week at which point I will really get to find out how Preston is faring. Does anyone else get anxious for these brief fifteen minute meetings? Just me? Bah. I received (or rather found it in the depth's of Preston's backpack, crumpled and ripped) a preliminary 'report card' that has been newly refurbished using some number system. And they base the numbers off of how well the student is understanding the concept - not necessarily grades on their work. May I say that I'm not quite sure what I think about this? Do they make the number based from test scores? Do they grade the work that is turned in and base scores from this? Is it more standardized testing through Common Core? Regardless, let me say this - I was Honors and AP English throughout school. I bombed the AP test at the end of the year; I didn't get any college credit for taking the class and I had to take a placement test my freshmen year of college. I was put in a remedial writing class. I remember asking a question at one point during my remedial class and the teacher lost it with the rest of the students. "Why aren't any of YOU asking questions? We've got a student here that should be in Advanced Placement classes and she's the only one asking questions!!" Needless to say, he wrote me a glowing recommendation to take with me anywhere I needed and I aced the class. I aced all of my writing classes. I can't test. I don't know what happens whether my brain turns to sludge, I over-panic and over-think or what, but I don't do tests. Are they really a fair measurement of our progress and learnedness? Is that even a word? I seriously doubt it.

Anyway, stepping off my soap box, I am excited to announce that I will be doing an online tutoring service review. Preston will be utilizing the online tutoring service from K5 Learning. We'll be giving it a whirl for six weeks and our focus will be on reading and writing. The site offers help for kids aged kindergarten through fifth grade on math, reading and writing. They have free assessments and a 14-day free trial. I'll keep you posted!

You can find out more about them as on their website as well as their facebook page at the following addresses:



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