Keeping My Focus in the Right Spot

Greetings my friends and happy holidays! Tis the season for insanity, late nights and short tempers (where's the Valium?!). I have been consumed with my family, carpools, book reports, mounds of dishes and laundry, gift-brainstorming, parties and cookery. That has been plenty to keep me riddled with anxiety and exhaustion and none of which has included any of the 'elf-on-the-shelf' antics or gingerbread house or snowflake crafts - that may have done me in. Living in the swirling vortex of Christmas and regular life has also inevitably pushed my blog and all my grandiose plans for it to the back burner (or more accurately to a Bunsen burner in the garage).

Well, I'm good with that. While we are on the subject of time, blogging and family, I have a few things to say. I love blogging and I love hearing from people that stumble upon my humble little site. It's nothing fancy, profound or professional; the photography among other elements attest to that. I'm good with that as well. My family will always be my first priority and in so doing I try to keep everything as simple as possible. I don't set-up the perfect shots of ingredients and the process I follow when in the kitchen nor do I use back-drops, different plates or other items for appeal or to incite excitement - I'm trying to just get the dang meal on the table to feed the masses! I hope in some way my lack of prowess in some areas of blogging will be a simple reminder to "keep it real" and I firmly believe that we have to model reality for our kids. In this day and age keeping ourselves rooted in reality has become more difficult and reality itself is becoming obscured. At the end of the day, I'd rather my family remember me as an involved and mostly happy mother as opposed to a woman who is frantic and aloof with attention focused everywhere else but where it should be - on the people in my life which is my greatest blessing.

Merry Christmas!


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