I Survived the Break. Barely.

I admit, I've been putting off my blog - it's just been that 'one more thing' nagging at the back of my mind giving me anxiety. I've also just been working on calming my totally frayed nerves. I don't know how Christmas break was for all you parents but I personally almost didn't make it. I love all my kids and thinking about each one of them individually creates mostly happy thoughts and feelings. Together however, is a totally different state of existence. Let me put it to you this way - Preston is a carbonated canned beverage and my littlest man likes to shake, shake and throw the 'Preston soda' until he explodes and goes all over the place (and it didn't take much). And my toddler is a literal whirlwind of constant activity until he just collapses. I'm getting a headache just remembering the break. I can't believe I didn't take up some addiction or binge diet over the last two weeks; it's a miracle.

And now, here I am and I'm still overwhelmed. Luckily though it's only over food. I watched Forks Over Knives over the holiday and I've been taking health classes and picking people's opinionated brains and reading all manner of books and I can't find any one thing that resonates at the moment. There is conflicting science all over the place. What one doctor swears you should never use another doctor finds positives in. Forks Over Knives didn't completely freak me out but it has definitely given me food for thought (oh that was just too easy - sorry). The studies these farm boys conducted can't really be disputed - there is definitely something to it but I'm not sure I could totally give up meat. And while we're at it, cheese. I don't think I could ever really let go of cheese. My homemade enchiladas with white sauce and cheese are divine. Raclette on Christmas Eve was heavenly. Feta cheese! Need I say more? But honestly that seems to be the one thing that there is the most agreement on - dairy. Aside from the FDA, no one recommends dairy. It's the processing and purity of the cows that it comes from that cause such tumult in our guts. I get it. Still, I love my cheese.

So what's a health gal to do? My head is swimming! Well, I just wanted to check-in so y'all know I'm still here. I'm wading through a wealth of information and sorting through what makes sense to me. That's what I do. I love it, but it is still a lot to take in.

Words of wisdom? I'll be back.


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