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About six months ago I started nutritionally cleansing my body. I was amazed at how my body started letting go of my excess weight and how my energy levels went up, my happiness level went up (as dumb as that sounds, so true!) and other issues I've dealt with my whole life started to subside. I didn't understand the accute details of what was happening in my body but the following article shed alot of light on the subject. If you want more information about the cleansing, check out

As intro to the article, the deep cleanse consists of two days where you have a pre-made drink or powder four times a day and specific snacks to keep your metabolism up. I'm cleansing right now and on cleanse day two which is why this article popped up on my radar. I'm not posting any pics for this one; the information is golden. Good stuff!

Fat Burning Versus Sugar Burning: This information was derived from a lecture that was conducted on the Power Team Saturday Morning Call by Peter Greenlaw; that lecture was given by Peter Greenlaw and was based on the extensive research he has been doing along with information from Dr. Dennis Harper for the book they are writing about cleansing and how the body functions. His 90-minute lecture was condensed to the following few paragraphs by Sue Faggion.

How The Body WorksThe human body is an amazing machine. It has between 60 and 70 trillion cells. Each of those cells has it’s own individual “furnace” that makes that cell function. That furnace is called the mitochondria. In order to heat up the mitochondria in the cell and therefore help raise our metabolism our bodies require over 70 trace minerals and live, active enzymes daily combined with proper nutrition.

Our bodies are designed to burn fat. If you are overweight it’s a sure sign that you are not burning fat, you are burning sugar. We are going to talk about how to get those furnaces ignited again and get your body burning fat. We have all been led to believe that dieting is what we need to do to lose weight. Wrong. Look around you — it doesn’t work. When you reduce calories you slow down the metabolism and shut down the mitochondria. Then when you stop the diet and begin to eat more calories again, your body now has less mitochondria fired up, your metabolism is sluggish, you have elevated levels of cortisol (a stress hormone that causes fat storage) and when you start eating again you put weight back on very quickly.

When you burn fat cells, the impurities are released into your system. Minerals and trace minerals carry the impurities away from the body tissue to the liver then allow the liver to deliver those impurities to the colon and out of the body. Without minerals this function does not happen. The soils in our country are severely depleted of minerals… we no longer get adequate minerals from the foods we eat. Isagenix products include 72 ionic minerals and trace minerals plus live, active enzymes. The minerals allow the enzymes to carry waste products from the cells to the liver. The liver produces bile that carries the waste products to the colon and out of the body. Without the minerals and enzymes, the impurities just get re-circulated throughout the body. Eventually the body recognizes those impurities as something toxic and creates fat cells to enrobe them, then puts them back into storage as fat.

Sugar-Burning Mode:
Your brain needs glucose (complex sugar) to function. Without carbohydrates/complex sugar your body burns lean muscle mass for fuel — that is sugar-burning. Sugarburning creates an acidic environment in the body, which is the breeding ground for disease. This acid environment causes further stress and more cortisol to lock down the fat stores.

Sugar-burning mode also leaches minerals from the bones. It increases the hormones insulin and cortisol. Those two “storage” hormones lock down the fat cells, lower the metabolism and put your body into the mode of burning lean muscle mass. Sugar-burning prevents the cells from absorbing oxygen. When the cells can’t absorb oxygen they can’t function properly and mutation occurs, otherwise known as disease. Sugar-burning also stops brain chemistry hormone production.

Fat-Burning Mode:
Fat-burning mode lowers insulin and cortisol levels, produces proper brain chemistry, gets oxygen into the cells and hydrates the cells. In fat-burning mode water goes into the cells and flushes out the acid and impurities that are stored there. Those acids and impurities circulate through the system until they are removed through the liver and colon or kidneys and bladder.

When you lose weight by reducing calories you slow down your metabolism and the cell’s mitochondria. When you start eating again you put the weight right back on because 1) the furnaces and metabolism have been shut down
2) without adequate minerals and enzymes the impurities still float around inside your body and are eventually stored back to fat.

The trick here is to get adequate nutrition balanced with proper glucose for brain function and ALL 70 minerals to flush the impurities out of the system along with living, active enzymes. Isagenix has all this built in. It takes 2 days of cleansing with Cleanse For Life Drink to get your body into fat burning mode.
The only way to detoxify your body is to suspend digestion. The Isagenix cleanse is designed with 2 back-to-back days of cleansing with Cleanse For Life Drink for this reason: after you suspend digestion for only 4 hours your body begins to produce the hormones that make lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism. The first 24 hours your body cleans the sugars from the liver. The second 24 hours is when the body begins to burn fat.


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