You Are Beautiful

Do you realize how ridiculously BEAUTIFUL you are? You will look back in your old age on your current version of yourself and be so proud of what you looked like "back then"....why not just embrace your beauty NOW....Stop in the mirror today, look into your own eyes and just get it. This is one of the most healing things we can do and when we see our own beauty we can truly see other's beauty as well. Time to wake up to your beauty! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. ♥

I'm not sure who wrote this but I saw it on a facebook post and absolutely loved it and think it is worth repeating, often. Enough said.

Email me a picture of yourself that you really like and I'd love to add it to this post because you are beautiful!

I've got to toot this gal's horn because she has lost an impressive 45 pounds and isn't she looking fabulous?! That's no easy feat - way to go!


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    1. Brittany, you & your mother are two of the most beautiful people I know. (I had to delete the earlier post because I spelled a word wrong. )


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