A Favorite and Healthy Snack

I do not for the life of me remember when I discovered this magical combination that I am about to reveal to you, but it has been a decade or two and it is to this day still one of my favorite and fastest snacks. It is simply this:

1) Cracker of choice (Ry Krisp, Kashi Crackers, a 'Brittany Approved' Ritz cracker wanna-be)

2) Small curd lowfat cottage cheese (that's just how I like my cottage cheese)

3) McCormick's Salad Supreme Seasoning

Spoon cottage cheese onto small plateful of crackers and sprinkle with Salad Supreme. SO tasty and you can put it together in less than two minutes. Sometimes when I'm pickier with my carbo choices or just looking for the protein, I spoon the cottage cheese into a bowl and sprinkle. Either way it's fantastic.

I also had to share my latest food find - Frontera salsa. All I can say is WOW. No naughty ingredients and the taste is phenomenal. I even tried calling them the other day just to tell them how much I love them for making this delicious salsa. Their Fire Roasted Tomatoe is to die for. I marinated and grilled some chicken in my grill pan, sliced, and layed it atop a bed of lettuce with some mozzarella and a touch of cheddar cheese. I mixed the frontera salsa with some plain Fage yogurt (on its own this stuff tastes like sour cream) and spread on my salad. The second night of having this I went with just straight salsa and it was perfect. Salsa is so great because it is vegetables and nothing more so you don't have to be worried about smothering your salad with it like you would any other regular and usually highly caloric salad dressing. Love it!


  1. Yummy! I also learned from you people to add the salad supreme to roast chicken. Mmmmm... :-)


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