My 'Skinny Skirt' Fits!

First, I have to say that I am celebrating one year of weight loss maintenance, if not continuing momentum and improvement and I love it! I was looking for a cute travel skirt the other day and was thumbing through my hangers when I came across a cute floral skirt that I bought about nine years ago prior to my first baby. It's one of those articles of clothing you can't let go of despite the fact that you haven't been able to fit in it for about seven years. I figured that since the month prior to this search I had to go shopping and replace all of my pre-baby capris (now that's also just dang exciting!) I would just for kicks see if I could get this skirt over my hips (which post baby is always the biggest problem for me). I was flabbergasted and elated when it actually not only fit but I also had some room extra in there! This is what my training regiment and Isagenix has done for me - it has literally changed my body composition.

Someone once told me that after you have a baby your 'sands shift' and nothing ever quite fits like it used to; I agreed with that. I didn't have hips until I had a baby and try as I did nothing could change that. But, I'm going to rescind my agreement with that statement because none of my old jeans (even my pre-baby skinny jeans!), capri's and even my very favorite skirt (which I actually shed a tear over) no longer fit. The crazy thing is that I had to go and buy new summer capri's and even those are getting loose! When I look in the mirror, my body is not the same body I've been looking at for the past nine years. I tried workout regiments and dieted to no avail. This whole-body nutritional cleansing has been amazing for me and SO easy. The coolest thing is that the products themselves are not actually cleansing your body - they are providing your body with all of the nutrients and tools to help your body cleanse itself. For all that I was doing, I couldn't bust through my plateau because my body was so toxic and couldn't do what it was supposed to be doing. And now what I am doing is working because my body can do what it was designed to do!

I still have a shake every day, my cleanse juice every day and incorporate the Isa protein powder and electrolyte replacement into weight lifting and cardio routines. This is a lifestyle and I feel amazing!


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