Fall and Winter Season Illness-Management Home Remedies

I stopped by my sister-in-law's house last night where sickness was on the rampage. He little girl has had a fever of a 103 for a week and her son just started spiking a fever of the same degree. The clincher is the fact that she has a newborn too! Even though she is very much like me and dabbling in the homeopathic realm, I found myself going through everything she should be doing for the baby and the kids to help keep the bugs at bay. Now, I do have a medicine cabinet with dye-free Advil and Tylenol for the baby in dire emergencies, but I've found that I can manage surprisingly well with my natural remedies.

What's the big deal you ask? Well, for one, all OTC medicines and drugs have side effects and I don't like not-knowing what is inadvertently going on inside my body. I sang my praises to Advil for many years using it to help with any manner of pain or inflammation. Three sinus surgeries later come to find out that something in Advil, Sudafed, Claritin and other drugs promote nasal polyps (which is what lead to three separate surgeries). Who'd of known that? We also know that acetaminophen and ibuprofen are very hard on the liver. There ARE side effects. I still have ibuprofen from time to time in dire emergencies for myself, but I have found other effective means of treating both symptoms and illness. Honestly, my essential oils work more effectively on my cough and allergies than any OTC medication I have ever tried, hands-down (when I wake up in the middle of the night in a coughing fit, I rub some melaleuca on my feet and I stop hacking and am immediately able to go back to sleep - I don't buy cough syrup anymore, ever).

So today I thought it would be fitting to list my 'Fall and Winter Season Illness-Busting Home Remedies.' And with that being said, today I'm very grateful for all that the earth provides for us in its natural state to help keep us healthy and strong! I'm also grateful for the information that keeps coming forward regarding natural supplementation and trace minerals and how they can help to bridge the gaps in wellness. I have a good friend who's son began to develop ticks (Tourette's). She did some research and found that these ticks were linked to a lack of magnesium in the body. She immediately began a magnesium supplementation routine and she commented that the ticks disappeared over night. It is truly amazing but such an amazing blessing. As I'm one more day behind on my gratitude list, I'm also very grateful for friends. They are good for support, laughs and can be answers to prayers. Relationships are what truly make life most rewarding and wonderful.

Fall and Winter Season Illness-Management Home Remedies
- Coconut Oil - Cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil is absolutely amazing. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral and it works both topically and internally. Although it isn't truly pleasant to eat plain, it is effective. According to Bruce Fife, author of 'Coconut Cures' three tablespoons of coconut oil a day is therapeutic. Honestly, I pull it out when I feel run down, notice a cold approaching or for a boost in the metabolism. Coconut Oil is immediately metabolized in the liver and used by the body for energy - IT DOES NOT GET STORED AS FAT. So have no fear! Have a spoonful in the morning to jump start your metabolism. I also will rub it onto my glands, chest, sinuses - anywhere I am experiencing a problem. I swear this is what helped me turn the corner when I had pneumonia. I keep this on hand always - in my kitchen and a small tub in my bedroom. Ironically, Bentley loves it and always asks me for a swipe in the morning. The unfortunate part is that it is expensive - but worth every penny. They have been selling it at Costco lately for an amazing price; I keep picking them up for food and first aid-storage.

- Umcka Cold Care Drops - This one is new to me but has already made a believer out of me. I started to come down with a cold a couple weeks ago and randomly grabbed this as it touted 'clinically proven to reduce duration and severity of cold and flu.' I also gave it to my toddler when he woke up with a faucet-nose (I gave him a very small dose). I was shocked when my toddler's nose cleared up the next day as did my symptoms. However, my symptoms returned as did his because I failed to continue to use it for another couple days as instructed. Once I got us both back on it though our symptoms subsided once again. Also on the pricier-side, but it seems that most of the good stuff is. They had it on sale at Smith's not too long ago. I also think the drops are more potent and effective than the chewable tablets.

- Essential Oils - These are the kickers. I'm AMAZED at how effective my oils have been. I use Doterra essential oils and always have on hand the following:
-On Guard
-DigestZen (This one is important for me to help with my sinuses)
-Wild Orange

I have alot of oils but the aforementioned oils are essential to treat the main illnesses that are constantly circulating through the home. I also always have empty capsules on hand for the oils that can be used internally.
-Antibiotic Replacement -  5 drops of On Guard, 3 drops of Oregano, and 3 drops Frankincense
-Ear Infections - Rubbing Melaleuca or Thyme oil behind the ears (never in the ears)
-Peppermint oil is effective in treating stuffy nose, sinusitis, asthma, fever and cough.
-Lavender helps relax and soothe and is also effective for fevers, bee stings, bruises, sunburn (almost everything. They say: when in doubt, use lavender).
-DigestZen is wildly effective with acid reflux, heartburn, gas, digestion and busting up old mucous from colds.
-A couple drops of Ginger helps with stomach upset (get rid of the pepto!). Wild Orange is amazing in herbal tea and water and also a great combination in a spray bottle with OnGuard to spritz in your house when the germ bugs are floating around.

My favorite thing to make when it's chilly outside or when I feel like I'm coming down with the gomboo is Cinnamon Apple Spice tea with one drop of Wild Orange Oil and one drop of cinnamon. Make sure to stir well and be aware that some oil will float on the surface. Delicious and so comforting.

-Vitamins - Of course we all know to take our Vitamin C, but in recent years studies have shown that Vitamin D may play a larger role than Vitamin C. I get my Vitamins from Standard Process as they are derived wholly from food and are therefore most usable by the body. Most vitamins you buy at the store are synthetically-produced and that usually means they are petroleum-based. Other must-haves, Vitamin B as it is very important for brain function. Fish Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and also tremendous support for the brain. Standard Process also has a good multi-vitamin to fill in the gaps for what we are missing from our food and diets.

-The Three S's - Sleep, Stress and Sugar are also key components to staying well. Shoot for 7-8 hours of sleep each night, Avoid sugar and refined carbs when you are run down or starting to feel ill as sugar actually lowers your bodies immune system for a couple hours (give or take depending on how much sugar you have) making you unable to effectively fight 'the bad guys.' Stress of course makes us more vulnerable to catching a bug and inhibits a quick recovery.
I use all of the above to treat both myself and my kids. I start pounding my tea, a truckload of water, capsules with OnGuard and Oregano (five drops each), diffusing the oil in the air, eating coconut oil and taking the Umcka drops at the first signs of a cold.

Regarding fevers - my mother always flips out and asks me immediately if I've given the kids something to lower the fever when she hears their is trouble over here in paradise. Here is what I personally have learned and go by:

- A fever is just the body's reaction to a bug that it is trying to fight. By leaving the fever alone, you are allowing the body to fight it more effectively. I have heard that brain damage can't occur from a high fever but I do know of a few people whose child was never the same after a prolonged high fever (I don't know the details, and every body and its capabilities is different, but something I monitor carefully nonetheless). I have to admit that I follow my gut with how high the temperature is and how miserable the child is. If the kiddo is doing pretty good, I don't worry to much. Listlessness, and being inconsolable make me nervous and I get out the Tylenol and ibuprofen when they are totally miserable or it interferes with their sleeping. I always start with my oils and turn to OTC medicine if it isn't quite going right. Trust your gut and do what is best for you. Best of luck through the cold and flu season!

Coconut Oil - I usually get mine at a Bosch Kitchen store or lately at Costco. Just look for cold-pressed and unrefined; you want oil that has been processed as minimally as possible.

Doterra - www.doterra.com

Standard Process Vitamins - These vitamins are usually sold by chiropractors and individual distributors. If you need help finding a distributor, let me know.

Umcka Cold Care Drops - With the vitamins and supplements at your local grocery store or Whole Foods. They are also available on Amazon.



  1. This is awesome. i still love Advil and my migraine medication. But I'll give the Himalayan sea salt a whirl. That makes no sense - the Himalaya's are nowhere by the sea. I don't get it.
    It's so hard having small children - they are ALWAYS sick!!! Especially in the winter. Build up that immune system and ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS!


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