Trainer Makes Himself Obese Purposely

I just went to the Yahoo main page, where I am always compelled to look at the intriguing stories they do, and found a story this morning about a personal trainer that was intentionally gaining weight. I haven't heard of this other than Hollywood stars that gain weight for certain roles so this definitely peaked my interest. You can read the full article at the following address:

The part that I found most interesting was when he talked about not liking soda in the beginning of this 'journey' to where he now HAS to have one everyday. He admitted to being addicted to all the sugar, white breads and flour, starchy pasta - he loves the taste but found he was hungry again shortly thereafter and craving the same foods. He also had to have his soda to keep the headaches at bay. This made me think of my cute mother who probably has a can of Coke a day but insists that it is 'medicinal' for her migraines. I've been telling her for years that if she dropped the soda, the migraines would probably go away. Our bodies are all different and while one person can handle 48 oz. of soda a day, others can only handle one can a day. I would put her in the latter category.

Processed foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates are absolutely addictive. Sugar actually stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain and when those levels drop, like any other drug, the body craves more. It is a vicious cycle that we are all too happy to indulge. I recently put my twelve-year-old step-son to the 'spit test' to determine if he had a yeast overgrowth which is very probable in most people that 'crave' sugar and starchy foods. First thing in the morning (prior to brushing your teeth or eating any food) you spit into a glass of water; if the spit floats you are clear, but if the spit sinks (even if there is a string that sinks to the bottom) you have a yeast overgrowth. His floated for a moment before a long string of it sank. I treated the yeast with seven drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract in his water morning and night on any empty stomach for about ten days. He also gave up white bread, refined sugar and most dairy and the overly sugary fruits. For him, this was an incredible feat.

We followed up with the spit test again in ten days and he was clear. I now give him a pro-biotic morning and night to build his intestinal tract with good bacteria. He has told me that he doesn't wake up with phlegm in the morning anymore (sugar is a definite proponent of this), he is sleeping better and overall feels better. He has also turned into an avid food-label reader and won't eat anything with colors, high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. I'm not sure if he'll whip out the Ramen noodles again (MSG). We shall see. He did have a Twix bar the other day and it was interesting to see how crazy it made him. He noticed it too and I'm sure he'll indulge time and again, but overall I think he will be making healthier choices from this point forward. Moderation.

I myself have never been excessively overweight but I did crave sugar and starches and struggled to lose those infamous 5-10 pounds because I just didn't understand how the whole food thing worked. Since I began my Isagenix journey and have continued to learn about food, I lost 'those 10 pounds plus another eight! I've been eating have my Isagenix shake for breakfast and eating full fats (lots of butter, coconut oil, full-fat yogurt, nuts and seeds) and I haven't gained a pound. I feel so amazing right now being in control of my appetitte and it not controlling me. The personal trainer above was in the spot I feel I'm in now and he hates being a slave to his addiction and not doing anything good for his body. I'm sure he can't wait for his four weeks to be over!


  1. Oh, I SO relate to those feelings! Sugar is absolutely addictive! Thanks for all this great information and inspiration to cleanse!


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