Why I'm Doing This

I had my hubby take a look at my blog last night as he hasn't really known what I've been up to with it. He asked me if it was something I really wanted to do because in writing about Preston and his ADHD, I am giving him a little bit of a stigma or label. I thought about it all last night as he did have a point. This is what I realized:

When I had my first miscarriage, I felt relieved when people talked to me about it and told me their personal experiences with having a miscarriage. When I went through my divorce at the age of 27 after having been married for seven years (and no, it wasn't the 'seven year itch') I craved to talk to people that had been through a divorce. I was so young that I really didn't know anybody that had been through it. I had a friend who was struggling in her marriage call me to talk to me about it.

When we experience something in our life that is challenging or traumatic, we want to know that we aren't alone. That somebody else has been through it and survived! When I knew that Preston had some major stumbling blocks I sought out people that could offer me advice or point me in a direction - any direction that would help me. I am still seeking out people that know what I am going through and can talk to me about ideas they have tried and had success or failure with in working with this disability.

Yes. I do want to do this blog for everyone out there like me who is facing this challenge and needs support. Yes I want to do this for everybody that is struggling with their health, their weight and leaidng their family in the right direction with their health. There are so many misperceptions about food and I feel so relieved by what I have found and I have taken control of my health through what I have learned. I want to share it with anybody and everybody who is looking for solutions like I have.


  1. I think it is very courageous of you to share your story to help others. I have learned a lot from many brave bloggers like yourself, and am so grateful. :)


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