Searching for Alternatives

As much as medication has been incredibly helpful with Preston, the side effects have been worsening (lack of sleep, lack of appetite and his ADHD behaviors are exacerbated when he is not on the medication in the morning and the night) and his ADHD, ODD and depression/anger have also been increasing while on the medication. I hade someone refer me to a podcast by Dr. John Gray, author of the Mars and Venus books that deals primarily with ADHD and treating ADHD. He is writing a book about ADD/ADHD and has been working with Isagenix and his own team on supplements for those affected by ADHD citing simply that good nutrition and trace minerals can fill in the gaps in the brain that the brain is not producing on its own. Having tried the natural route before, I am skeptical. Afterall, I also understand that ADHD and the impulsive behaviors come from the frontal lobe not being developed sufficiently - that sounds more like a growth issue than lack of minerals. However, with Preston suffering from this debilitating disorder as severely as he is, I will try anything.

Following is the link to the one hour and 30 minute podcast with Dr. Gray about his program/regimen: I spoke with a woman in Florida who works with special needs children and herself has a child with ADHD. In speaking with her, she claims that her daughter has normalized on this program. She also worked with her sister who has two kids with ADHD and reports that they are both off their medication and thriving. She said it took her about four and half months to tweak the regimen to where it worked for her daughter. I downloaded the podcast onto my iPod so I can listen to it as I do my housework and am eager to get moving. I also plan to save up for a powerful blender - a Vitamix or Blendtec - to start making green smoothies that I think will also be incredibly beneficial for Preston. After having cleansed with Isagenix and still having my daily shakes and changing my diet, I do see firsthand the power of a whole foods lifestyle. My immune system has strengthened and my lifelong woes with hyperhydrosis have lessened. That one is huge for me. I will post regularly about every step that I take in this new journey with Preston and hold a positive thought for us that we have success!

Has anyone tried the new Ninja Blender? They have it at Bed, Bath and Beyond and it has an incredibly cheaper price tag compared to a Vitamix or Blendtec blender but is supposed to do everything those blenders do. Let me know!


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