Why We Have Weight Problems

Honestly, I haven't really ever had what you would call a 'weight problem.' To me it was a problem because I wanted six-pack abs and no fat on my body. For years I tried to get rid of 5 more pounds and I couldn't. I thought I was doing all the right tricks and it has been through this whole journey of finding the right foods for Preston that I found what the right food are in general.

Since beginning my cleanse on Isagenix, I have also embraced fat. Not even just low-fat - I look for grocery store items that are full fat. I'm not afraid! And you shouldn't be either! The cells in our body are protected by fat. Our brain burns the most calories in our body and operates on fat! Have you noticed how no-fat or low-fat has been the norm for the last twenty years and nobody is staying thin or getting thin this way? I even have to wonder if because we have been starving ourselves of good fats that is part of the problem with the rise in cases of ADHD. It's the underdevelopment of the frontal lobe - myabe we aren't giving our brains enough fat. Alzheimers anybody? As for sources of healthy fats: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, nuts, seeds, avacados, real butter, (even real cream - a great way to even out the carbs in pasta). Coconut oil is absolutely amazing and if your metabolism needs a little kick start this is it. It is immediately processed in the liver as energy. As with everything, moderation.

What we eat is essentially all broken down in our bodies as sugar (energy) with the exception of proteins. When we have an excess of sugar, our blood sugar level spikes which then burdens the pancreas (which sends out the insulin to balance things off). When our body has more sugar than it can handle at any given time, rather than use it, it stores it. THIS is fat storage and THIS is what our problem is; THIS is what makes us fat - spiking our blood sugar. Ironically, having a fat with a carbohydrate helps keep our blood sugar levels more even which then doesn't overwhelm the body and lead to the storage of excess sugar. We actually need to balance our generally carbohydrate-rich meals with healthy fats and plenty of protein. Protein helps our muscles which are responsible for also helping get our blood through our body. Our heart is a muscle! As you can see, a well-rounded diet with complex carbohydrates (which don't spike the blood sugar), protein and fats are vital to our overall health. This is why you are hearing the term "glycemic index" more often now as food that have a low glycemic index do not spike your blood sugar. Sugar is also an 'anti-nutrient' which means it robs your body of what it needs to compensate and process the sugar. It lowers your immune system leaving you open to illness.

Fruits and vegetables have all the vital enzymes that help our bodies break-down our food. However, when we cook our veggies all of those precious enzymes are destroyed and our bodies struggle with break-down and absorption - another issue that contributes to weight.

Fine. I actually had some apple pie the other night and felt absolutely miserable an hour later. I know it was more than my body could handle after really not having much for awhile. I still have a square of dark chocolate a day because it is my yummy treat. That recipe for Maple Nut Oaties on my recipe page is amazing; those are gems because it is sweetened with pure cold-pressed Agave nectar and has healthy fats from pecans and almond butter and fiber-rich oats. This last time I threw in some cacao nibs which actually taste like nuts but are amazing antioxidants. I have three of those (they are bite size) in the afternoon and they are wonderful. I also have the occasional ice cream but ritual dessert after dinner has gone by the way-side. I'm finding other alternatives. I'll continue to post up what my family loves - it's got to work for the kids too eh?! What I'm getting to again with this whole bit is moderation. Sugar really has no benefit whatsoever for the body and actually causes problems. I read that Alec Baldwin cut out refined white sugars and flours and dropped 20 pounds just from doing that. Pretty impressive.

Bleached sodium chloride, which is the salt that we all buy from the grocery store, is actually toxic. Doctors are right to be telling heart disease patients to lay off the salt - but they are referring to common table salt. REAL salt or Celtic Sea Salt has not been bleached and still contains the numerous minerals that help the body function as it is supposed to. The body requires salt to function. It is okay to salt your food with the good stuff!


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