Day Three - And a Helpful Article

I came across this simple and helfpul article on yahoo today that I felt was applicable to my little Preston, despite it being written with toddlers in mind. Point Two mentions that during their tantrum, they are incapable of hearing any message we have for them and will be until 'we are able to they're sure we understand and hear their message.' Validation, which is not acceptance per say, is a big deal. This is talked about and empasized in both Love and Logic and 1-2-3 Magic. I realized that this is a key piece that I have been skipping for the last little bit. I should have validated Preston when he came home in a rage the other day (after he cooled off of course) and I could have even have done it when he was frustrated about washing his hands ("I know I struggle being interrupted when I'm in the middle of something too buddy"). This is going on my daily 'to do' list. Below is a link to the article on yahoo. It's short and sweet and worth the read.

Preston did get off on the right foot again today and drank his super cleanse, had all of his vitamins, the wellness shake and even a bowl of cereal. He left in a good mood and was very manageable. We'll see where he is at in about forty minutes. As for basketball practice tonight, he came to me last night and apologized and actually had some ideas for calming himself down. We talked about it and I think we'll read some more from his Kimochi book tonight - he could relate to that. Him just thinking about it and coming to me with some ideas was HUGE so I think that will be his redeeming factor in going to practice tonight. I'll have an update before the day is over. And if you are interested in Kimochi this site can give you a little more information:

I had the school bus parked out front my house again today and had the opportunity to have a lovely chat with the busdriver about the problems Preston has been creating on a daily basis. Apparently Preston was spitting in fellow bus-mates' faces. The only thing I could come up with was that if he gets two more warnings from the bus driver then he loses his bus-riding privileges and I drive him to school. Not my first choice. Or even second choice. Really, I don't want this to be an option but I'm not sure what else to do when this 70 or 80 something year-old bus driver is telling me that his job is on the line. So, it is what it is. After that, Preston had his shake and calmed down enough to do homework until he got frustrated with not knowing spelling words and started huffing and being obnoxious. I can't imagine what this kid is like in class for his teacher (random: do you ever forget how to spell words that you spell regularly? I just forgot how to spell 'teacher' and was going to write it 'teatcher.' Bus-driver visits are apparently taking their toll!). I sure hope these supplements start to really kick in soon. He's doing awesome in the morning but he is struggling like crazy during the rest of the day! It's late, I'm going to bed now, unfortunately no pretty pictures this time.

P.S. Speaking of pictures, after looking at all these other blogs my pictures look terrible. It could be that I have terrible photography skills or my camera has terrible photography skills. Just because I need to prevent my self-esteem from plummeting, I'm going with the latter. I'm out. And compliments of my sister-in-law, I'm signing out from here on out with, Peace Love and Isagenix. :) Burnsy


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