I'm Smiling

It's been a long day but I am smiling in reflection. My cute mother came by to help Preston with his book report (which I didn't object to because I think he does better on the homework front when it isn't me helping him) and he was exciteable but he listened and helped and was in a fantastic mood all night. He wanted to practice his presentation and is very proud of his poster. True, the child has good days and bad days so in the long term time will tell if it is movement in the right direction but he was wonderful tonight.

I made vegan Black Bean and Butternut Squash burritos for dinner (I just had mine on a bed of romaine lettuce) compliments of Anglea of ohsheglows.com and they were quite tasty. I even tried the daiya cheese which surprised me as being, well, cheesy! I also made chocolate donuts following a recipe I found on heathereatsalmondbutter.com but I'm going to need to tweak it a bit. Preston scarfed it down though with some ice cream and a dab of chocolate sauce. I've got to get to bed as my big goal is to get eight hours of sleep a night, but I'll leave with a smart tip and the recommendation to try the burritios:

Lavender Essential Oil for diaper rash. My little Bentley had the worst diaper rash last week. He was absolutely screaming bloody murder it hurt him so bad and that rash looke angry. I put some mustela diaper cream on it which helped but he had some spots that looked angry for two days. I finally got my delayed doTerra essential oil order and rubbed some lavender oil on his little bum and the next day there was just a hint of pink in one spot. After a second application it was gone. I haven't talked much about my essential oils but I had a dream one night that doTerra went out of business and I absolutely paniced. I have replaced my medicine cabinet with my oils and I swear by them! I'm going to go rub some on my feet as soon as I get myself to bed! I'm out. Peace love and Isagenix!


  1. Pierce had an awful diaper rash this week and I wish I knew about the lavender oil. I have some that I use all the time for other things, if only I knew, Pierce's poor bum would have gotten better quicker!


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