Rock Salt for Deodorant

First of all, here is the Health Tip for Today: Rock salt deodorant rocks. The Heidi turned me onto this and she learned about it from a sweaty mountain biker man at the Whole Foods store. In our quest for all things natural (for body this includes products that are free of pthalates, sulfates, parabens and propylene glycol for starters) we have been looking for a stand-up remedy to deodorant that is aluminum free. I've tried a couple of 'natural' deodorants from health stores and they are absolutely the pits (pun-intended). I randomly saw a facebook post by some woman I don't know that said, "if you want to smell like a dirty hippy, wear natural deodorant." I laughed out loud because I had on natural deodorant that had worn off and I smelled disgusting; it was SO true! I was repulsive to myself. Then I was told to use Young Living's Thieves toothpaste for my underarms which I actually LOVED! But it is fourteen bucks a pop! Then I started swiping some coconut oil under my arms and a dab of whatever Doterra essential oil I felt like that day. The oil worked fabulous but you have to warm the coconut oil in your palms to melt it and then you have to get out the essential oil; too many steps. I have to say that even better than my oil is this stick of rock salt that you moisten and roll on your pits. There is no scent but even this morning after I did a tough work out, I still didn't smell (and I had last applied the morning before). And I ALWAYS smell after I workout. I'll go look up the name of it and insert it tomorrow but it is totally awesome!

And I'm passing on the Preston update today per the advice of my therapist (even though he had a totally stellar day!). She told me to give everything a rest for a week and half. No reading, researching, and 'hoping to fix something that isn't broken (in which case she was meaning that Preston isn't broken).' Which takes me back to the whole reason why I started this damn blog: to remember that I can't change anybody else; ONLY myself. I do recommend to everybody to read "Come to Your Senses" by Stanley Block because it might just change your life and how you deal with it, which also takes us back to life being what we make it. I've been all up in my head and not in my natural loop and I've been missing some key life points. I've got to relax, bridge, befriend my requirements and be me. I've got to remember that I'm also not broken and to have confidence in what I know and what I'm doing. Although Preston is a challenge, I can be calm and not engage, I can breathe deep and eat right (which will help me stay clear), I can focus on positives, and I can love those around me.

I watched Water for Elephants tonight and I loved it. At the end it shows the main character bathing their kid in bath water and then the kid playing with the bath water and they were smiling and laughing. I said to myself, 'self, you need to splash in the bath water and enjoy these days because although the days are long, the years are short.' I have been thinking a little of what a pill I was for my parents in my high school and college years. I was a good girl and an obedient girl but I had attitude and was trying to be different than them so I was pain on bike rides and on some of our trips. I couldn't laugh at myself and my Dad kept trying to get me to understand why that was important. They didn't lecture me or get mad at me (once in awhile they would get frustrated-but left me alone when it didn't go anywhere) they just let me brood and be a pill and they enjoyed themselves. I don't know how they did it because it drives me nuts when either of my kids are surly and miserable and I try to lecture and I get frustrated and exasperated and angry and you know what it does? NOTHING! It makes things worse - especially for me! I've just got to let it go and hopefully they'll eventually figure it out. I did! I did actually learn from their example and I can laugh at myself now and I know now that I'm responsible for my happiness and I choose how I react to what comes my way.It's all about choices.

So, my choice today for the next week and half is to relax. I'm not going to engage in Preston's fits or rants or rages. I'm not going to raise my voice or get angry. I'm not going to try to persuade him to be one way or another; I'm going to count him, give him choices, and be me. Relaxed and pleasant me. I'll make jokes, I'm going to pick up my Pope Joan book again (I know you are so excited Mom! We'll watch her movie together!) I'm going to bake cookies and make Angela's Vegan Butternutsquash burritos and clean my house, and love my kids. Not that I don't always love them, I'm just going to work hard at being in the moment and focus on having positive bubbles floating in my brain. There you have it. That was probably still more thinking than I was supposed to do but I'm trying to follow her advice of 'coming to my senses,' bridging, being in the moment and not fixing what isn't broken. Peace love and Isagenix!


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