Best Snack Ever

Preston decided that he had finally had enough of his Mars Venus Chocolate shake. Even made with Silk Cocoa Almond Milk he couldn't do it. I mixed up my IsaLean shake (which I've been trying to get him to enjoy for the last six months now) and he snagged it off the countertop and with one sip he was in love. Fickle child. Oh well - VICTORY! Naturally I had two more cannisters of the Mars Venus shake already shipped and on their way leaving me to find a clever use for them. I can't claim it as my own cleverness (I'll give credit to Dr. John Gray on this one) but a fabulous alternative none-the-less. All hail the Brownie Batter Bites (the name however is my cleverness)!

The boys love them. I love them. They are GOOD for you. I have zero guilt eating these. They should be eaten. Sad for them. Happy for us! And yes, that is a smiley face on the plate.

Soften 2 Tablespoons of Unrefined, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
Mix in 2 scoops of Mars Venus Wellness Shake powder
Some chopped nuts of preference (nuts, walnuts) or not!

Mix together and scoop onto parchment paper lined dish and store in the fridge. Coconut oil becomes a liquid at 76 degrees so these babies need to stay cool. They taste like brownie batter. The healthy fats and protein in these bites prevent your blood sugar from spiking besides the fact that coconut oil is totally awesome for you! Let's keep the metabolism going!

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