Fun Day with Fun Dip

First, I learned at a lovely ladies lunch yesterday that it is okay to experience emotion whether it be sadness, frustration, anger, whatever. Yes, I only  listed negative emotions simply because those are the ones we tend to have the most guilt about and stifle (anger is trickier to stifle; I'm just working on expressing it healthfully and in my own presence excluding anyone else). With that being said, I allowed myself to feel my angry emotion this morning and the amazing thing is that it dissipated much quicker than normal. I also applied my thought-labeling to it (I'm just having the thought that Preston shouldn't sneak candy) and asked myself what requirement I had that was going unfulfilled (Preston shouldn't want to eat or sneak color-tainted candies), and then moved through it and I'm over it. Very, very nice. So, what was it that evoked my angry emotion, you ask? I'll tell you.

I should always assume with Preston that when he is taking is sweet time on something it means he has trickery and treachery up his sleeve. Yesterday morning he was sneaking the nice new eraser I forbade him to take to school and inevitably lose and this morning after supposedly brushing his teeth (which was taking longer than usual) I discovered not one pocket full of Fun Dip candy but two pocketfuls of Fun Dip candy adding up to a grand total of SIX packets of Fun Dip candy stuffed in those tiny, tight pockets. I don't know how Houdini fit them all in there but it was like the magic hat and they kept coming and coming. I can laugh about this now (which I am; oh his poor teacher had he gotten away with it - I envision Mike Myers hooked up to the  park swing set and towing it behind him after Nicole Kidman gave him - the Hyper Hypo - a square of chocolate on SNL) but at the moment I was furious! Sneaking for one but then sneaking something we talk about all the time as being so naughty for him. Those poisonous, toxic, brain-eating colors! I bribe him with Gummy Bunnies and other treats but he still has candy radar and among finding it out there, I'm sure he sells his prized possessions at a stand at school or offers to do other kids' homework (even though he'll fight me to the death to do his own) for toxic color gratification. Oh the humanity!!


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