Getting Outside of My Busy Head

We had the opportunity to head down south this weekend to St. George and go the Thunder Over Utah air show. It was the highlight of my weekend. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I LOVE AIRPLANES! Everybody has their thing and this is definitely one of mine. I get all misty-eyed when these planes take off and fly around; I turn into a two-year-old little boy whose biggest dream is to become a pilot. My little nephew had thought about wearing his little flight suit, and I laughed and thought, "I should have worn mine!" It isn't until later that I actually think that for an adult that could be a little strange. In another life I'll fly a fighter jet. Sigh.

We also went for a hike around Pioneer Park that is mostly red rock and slot canyons. I carried Bentley around for alot of the way because he wasn't making much progress teetering back and forth unsure of what to make of the red rock and sand. He truly looked like Frankenstein. At one point, we walked past this tree with small (smaller than the size of my fingernail) green and shiny leaves. Bentley immediately reached out for it; I on the other didn't even notice it. I had my eyes ahead and was just going through the motions of walking and most likely thinking about where to stop and grab lunch so we could get on the road to pick up the dog before the kennel closed and that Bentley was going to need a bath and so was the dog and so on; you get the idea. I was enjoying the feeling of the rock under my feet but I snapped out of the business of my head when he reached for this tree. I stopped in front of it and he very gingerly touched the small leaves and smiled. In that moment it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen and touched. It was a wonderful moment and reminder to me to really look around and see life through a different set of eyes.

To little Bentley (who is just over one-year-old), everything is a wonder. I haven't become completely desensitized as I still look at the beauty around me, but not on such a small level. I look at flowers and their colors but to stop and look at these tiny, shiny leaves was wonderful. I was grateful for his little reminder to get outside of my busy head and enjoy the present and everything in it. I preach it to my kids so often and I realize I can be just as guilty of missing out on the small and simple wonders as anybody else.


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